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Samsung Galaxy Watch
Everything you need on your wrist

The lightweight, yet durable Galaxy Watch understands the way you live. Stay connected and leave your phone behind with the 4G LTE option, or keep everything connected with the bluetooth only option. Available in 42mm and 46mm sizes and 3 color variations, find the watch that works best for you.

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness


Battery Life





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46mm Watch Black

Galaxy Black 40mm Watch

46mm Watch Rose Gold

Galaxy Rose Gold 40mm Watch

46mm Watch Silver

Galaxy Silver 40mm Watch

42mm Watch Black

Galaxy Black 40mm Watch

42mm Watch Rose Gold

Galaxy Rose Gold 40mm Watch

42mm Watch Silver

Galaxy Silver 40mm Watch


Your most balanced life

Balance mind and body with sleep cycle tracking, reminders to keep moving, calorie tracking, guided meditation and breathing exercises for stress management.

Galaxy Watch Overview

Galaxy Watch  daily rundown

Your daily rundown

See your appointments as soon as you wake up, then track your activities as the day unfolds. At the end of the day, check your steps plus tomorrow’s schedule and weather.

Galaxy Watch smartly connected

Smartly connected

Control all your connected home devices from your wrist even when you’re not home. Plus, get the details of a security camera alert from the SmartThings app on your Galaxy Watch.
Galaxy Watch   android and iphone compatibility

Android or iOS compatible

The stainless steel Galaxy Watch pairs seamlessly with Android devices while the aluminum watch pairs with Android and iOS compatible devices.

Download the User Guide:

Download the Samsung Galaxy Watch User Guide (.PDF)

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